Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stats and Thanks

Thanks to everyone who snagged a copy of Outfoxed. The book is out of the starting gate and doing very well at Amazon and Barnes & Noble--which is a shocker. I've never seen any of my books do particularly well at B&N, and Outfoxed is currently ranked at #408! It might not mean much, but my previous best seller there was a number somewhere over 10,000. Outfoxed is also a top seller at Amazon in their futuristic/fantasy/ghost category. Not sure what happened to the plain old "Paranormal" label, but I'm happy to see the book doing well. I love the story, but I'm biased. It's nice to see others liking it too. :)

Let's face it. Stats are nice, but they aren't a true gauge as to what sells. And just as quickly as my book can shoot up the ranks, it can shoot straight down. My last m/m story, Fortune's Favor, was a top gay/lesbian romance for all of three or four days. But hey, it was there for a time, and that made me happy to see. Too often I've equated success with being a top seller. But here's a small secret--top sellers don't always sell the best. Makes little sense, right? Consider the source of sales. A top seller at a publishing house might look nice but make peanuts, because the bulk of sales actually comes from a third party distributor.

In any case, as much as I'm happy about sales, it's more about knowing readers are pleased with the story. If I could take you away from work, dishes, groaning kids, or a crappy day for the time it took you to read Outfoxed, then I've succeeded. So I have to say thanks to all you readers for giving me a feel good moment. I appreciate you, because without you, I'm just writing for myself. And I'm a pain in the ass to write for. :)

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