Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Twitter--Evil, Yes, It Is

So far today I've written a whopping 2000 words. And yes, I'm using sarcasm. Why have I not accomplished my set goal? Because lately, my attention span is that of a gnat's. There's Facebook, Twitter, a new release, television, and coffee. Yes, I'm even blaming coffee for distracting me, because I have to get off my fat ass to grab a new cup when the one I'm nursing goes empty.


But most of all, I blame Twitter. There are way too many good feeds and interesting news there. Articles from, which "crack" me up time and time again. Ellen's deal with JC Penny's and hate-mongering women who think 40000 equals 1million. The Business Rusch, an excellent blog about the publishing industry from a woman who's been in the know for over twenty years...and etc.

Ack! My story needs work, and I'm staring at a smaller screen of Twitter! I'd write more, but now I'm out of coffee. Yep. Time to caffeinate. Maybe that will save my Wednesday... But oh, wait, I'm leaving my seat again.

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