Friday, February 3, 2012

A Top Pick

Well, it's Friday. So I thought I'd share a great review for Grayson's Gamble.

| Reviewed by: Greendragon

If life is like a box of chocolates then Marie Harte’s Circs Series is the Godiva Chocolate in any Paranormal/Fantasy, Ménage reader’s library.

Grayson Belle and his partner Sebastian Decker are both Circs working for the government assigned to hunt down rogue and mutant Circs. Gray wants out of his partnership with Bas. Bas is a newbie Circ, he was made a Circ against his will unlike Gray whose whole family were born Circs. Gray is having trouble with his feelings when it comes to Sebastian. Bas has never been through a mating heat like other made Circs, but with his feelings growing towards Gray that looks like it may change. And before either one can sort through their feelings they are given a new assignment….hunt down and kill a rogue mutant named Al Ross.

Both Gray and Bas are going to have a whole new set of problems once they meet Al.

This book is another wonderful story in the Circs series. I have read and loved each and every one of them. Although it can be read by itself I would suggest reading the rest of the series.

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