Monday, February 6, 2012

Holy Crap, It's Almost Here!

Time flies. It really does. Seems like just a few minutes ago I was doing edits after edits on Fortune's Favor, which releases tomorrow from Loose Id. In actuality, I was working on edits for this story back in December.

Odd how I got through that story without much fuss, but my last manuscript gave me fits. I had days where I'd just stare at my computer monitor and wonder if a hammer would shatter the screen or split it in half. Yeah, that kind of story. Yet I pulled it together, forced myself to write through the hard parts, and ended up loving it at the end. So weird.

Some stories are easy. My current WIP, Right Wolf, Right Time, is aces. My hero knows what he wants, the heroine's character is solid, and the conflict unfolded for these two, mentally, while I wrote the previous Cougar Falls book. Now I just need to get on the stick and finish it. I figure if I work hard enough, I can finish the book and treat myself to Underworld by Friday. I've just gotta know if the vamps and werewolves will ever work together to thwart those pesky humans.

Happy Monday.

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