Thursday, October 20, 2011

Those Darn Distractions

Every try to do something when your mind is in a million other places? Take yesterday. After a morning full of distractions because my mother is home from vacation--and yeah, it's terrific to reconnect--I had the evening to work. For an hour while my kids were otherwise occupied elsewhere, I had an entire hour to write, or brainstorm, or something. Instead I sat in B&N, drank coffee, ate a cookie, and read a book. The notebook I'd brought with me for notes had a few illegible scribbles. Nothing more,and nothing usable.

Later in the evening, I sat downstairs and talked with dinner guests and family after a wonderful meal. Fun. Not productive, but fun. Around ten, I went upstairs with a huge cup of coffee...and did some work for a friend of mine, stuff I'd said I'd do but hadn't quite finished. So great, commitment honored. Finally. And still, no work done.

Sure, the story is percolating in my head. My characters are giving each other (and me) a hard time about plot, wanting to go every which way, but I know they'll settle down, eventually. For me, a lot of writing is getting it right in the mind before it ever goes into words.

And then it's today, and I'm writing a blog post instead of working on my story. Yet as I type, my characters are whispering that they're ready to roll. As in, right now. Gotta go. :)

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