Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This is completely non-writing related, but I had to share. A year ago, on October 31st--Halloween 2010--my 6 year old, then 5 years old, lost his treasured Brownie. Brownie has been with him since he was a baby. This is Brownie...a stuffed Velvet Teddy Build-a-Bear, the first version when they were cuddly and really cute. He'd been washed a lot but still had that little boy smell of saliva and love all bundled into brown fur. And then he went missing.

My son cried for days, weeks, months. We searched everywhere. Even drove through the neighborhood, school, church, stores, any place we could think of that this bear might have been.
Only to find nothing.

It's a year later; the kids and I have moved. We live across the country now. Low and behold, the kids' dad sent a package for my little guy. And what should be in there? BROWNIE!

I can't wait until my son gets home from school to watch him open the box (I had to open it first and re-taped it.) I still want to know where the stuffed animal was, but I'm content that Brownie has found his way home. A friggin' Festivus Miracle, for all you Seinfeld watchers out there. I feel like a kid at Christmas.

Now I can only hope good news comes in threes...

Happy Tuesday!

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Ayla Ruse said...

Yea!! **Partying here in spirit** I hope your little guy went ballistic to have his little bear back!