Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gunnar's Game

Lightning has indeed struck. I've started the fourth book in my Dawn Endeavor series, and I'm loving it! Gunnar's Game is a novel that has to tell Gunnar's story while wrapping up the loose ends in books 1-3.

Frederik Gunnar Tersch has anger issues from an abusive past. He's worked hard to put it all behind him, but he's never dealt with the trauma he once suffered, and because of this, he shies from serious, committed relationships with the opposite sex. In comes Ava Belle, a woman who knows what she wants and she's tired of waiting. She's snarky, possessive, and a lot stronger than she looks.

The fireworks between this pair have been building since Fallon's Flame, book one in the Dawn Endeavor series. And it's time to stoke that fire.

I've completed a second set of edits for Julian's Jeopardy, which comes out next month from Loose Id.  So now it's up to me to finish Gunnar's Game before May is finished.

I have a tight timeline.  School lets out at the end of May, and I have a high school senior graduating this year.  When the kids are out of school, that's less time for me to write during the day without distraction. Unlike some writers, I need quiet to function. No TV, no music, no dancing kids.  Just a vision of Gunnar to inspire me.

I need to make things happen rather quickly with this story.  Some key points that will be handled in Gunnar's Game:

1.  What part do the handyman and his wife play in the story?
2.  Who is Lonnie?  And is he for or against the Circs?
3.  Just who, or what, the heck is Mrs. Sharpe?
4.  What does the real mastermind behind all the bad doings in the stories want?
5.  Just what is Gunnar's problem? Why is he so violent all the time?

The answers will be forthcoming.  Now back to writing.

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