Monday, May 10, 2010

The Suit

A week or two ago I promised an explanation for this disturbing photograph. See, this flexing idiot is me, all suited up to be a fireman. Why, is the writing business not paying enough, you might ask? The answer to that is always no, but not the reason I was dressed in such flame-retardant finery.

My friend Cat and her husband Todd hosted me while I went to Arizona for the Desert Dreams conference. Todd happens to be the Fire Chief of their town, so I got the royal treatment.

Holy crap, that suit is not only stifling, but it's friggin' heavy. There is no way you can be a slouch when fighting fires. Seems obvious enough, but you just can't understand what it's like until you step into their boots. And heck, I wasn't anywhere near a fire. Just playing around in the fire station.

Then I was told that in a fire, you very rarely are standing. So I was forced--yes, forced--to crawl on the ground with an ax in hand, to mimic clearing my way through a house. Man, was that hard. I have a lot of new respect for firefighters, and for Todd, who somehow managed to trick me into the suit. But hey, I did get to sit in the firetruck and feel important.

So that's my explanation for the suit. Never let it be said I don't keep my promises.

*Big thanks to Todd, and to Cat, for the experience, and for not making more fun of me than they could have.


Anonymous said...

Dude who said we didn't make fun of you. You just couldn't see us behind that mask LOL ;-) Cat

Marie Harte said...

And there you have it. Cat, the woman who not only made fun of me for wearing a fireman suit, but who also got me addicted to True Blood. Some friend you are.

>:) Marie