Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Dance

Happy Dance. I've spent the past three days adjusting to Eastern Standard Time and editing my *ss off. My 60000 word story needed extensive revisions, and I really must thank my editor for her patience, diligence, and heck, for having read the book as it was when she got it. Talk about plot holes and strange character issues that go nowhere.

Well, at least that's done. The first round of edits, that is. Now I can get back on track. I've got another 16K words to do on my weird novella before submission in another week. Then the start of Gunnar's Game, which I need to get moving on since the month of May is tight. School ends May 22nd, I think, and I get a lot less done with kids on the loose.

After that, I have two Cougar Falls projects I'd like to finish, one in June and one in July. Yeah, I'm dreaming to think I can get all this done during the summer. But I thrive on challenge. Give me a year to finish the project and I have trouble. Give me a month and somehow I get it done with days to spare. Weird.

So that's my happy dance, because the future is once again clear to me. Cheers!

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