Friday, July 24, 2009

My New Addiction

I don't have HBO, Showtime, Starz, or any of the premium channels. Just good old basic cable. So yes, I regularly miss all the terrific shows everyone has been watching for years. Case in point: Dexter.

As a member of Netflix, I can watch movies online. And they just happen to have seasons one and two of Dexter available for direct viewing. The other day I watched episode 1. Then 2. Then 3...until I'd stayed up the entire night watching all of season one. Holy crap, what a killer show!! And I don't mean that literally, though Dexter is about a sociopathic serial killer.

What makes the show so great is the characterization of its anithero, as well as the people he works and "plays" with. His foster sister, whom he wishes he could love and feels some fondenss for. The police he works with in his job as a forensic specialist. The flashbacks of his relationship with his now dead father. Just incredible depth to these characters. And Dexter--he's a killer who knows he's a killer and accepts it, while wishing he could be like other people. Feeling, loving, connecting. With a terrific ending to season one and a great beginning to season two (I already saw the first episode), I can't wait to finish this series. I believe season three starts this fall on Showtime. What a kick.

Now I suppose I'll have to catch up on:
True Blood
In Therapy
Six Feet Under (on video)

But not until I've gotten some writing done. Man, the entertainment I've been missing is killer on my ability to actually live beyond TV. Ack.

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