Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Driver's Dilemma

Look, I'll admit I'm not the best passenger. But my husband knows this. For ten years I've done the majority of the driving when we go anywhere. I have issues, I freely admit. So I should have known better than to let him drive us to Atlanta yesterday. (I had an ebook I wanted to read, so sue me.)

Is it so wrong to cringe, grip the hand holds and pray when the truck shows no signs of stopping though everyone else does?

GRIPE: read other traffic, slow when they do.

Must we speed up when exiting I20? Hello, it's an offramp. Slow the &^%$ down! And if it doesn't matter where we park, why bother trolling up and down the freakin' aisles when there are fifty parking spots open in the back of the lot???

Plenty of questions, no answers.

And to add something funny--the other day I was driving into the Robert C. Daniel's Parkway, where Target and a variety of other stores are located. Some idiot driver in front of me is doing 10 mph in a 30mph zone. I waited a bit, rode her tail a few seconds, then beeped. Come on. You don't know where you're going, pull over and look around. Don't waste my time crawling. So I beeped. Husband had a meltdown. As if I'm the rude one for obeying driver's etiquette laws.

ETIQUETTE: Don't pretend you're the only one on the road. Think about your fellow drivers and put a stop to moronic driving habits. i.e. The Turn Signal is there for a reason...

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