Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What to Say

I posted yesterday at Hitting the Hot Spot. As the holidays draw near, it becomes increasingly hard for me to focus on the blog. Natural, I suppose, since the energy in the house is swirling around Christmas, presents, and the ever-growing naughty list Santa must be keeping.

My Christmas shopping is done. I wait until Christmas Eve to wrap presents, when I'm full of good cheer, some wine or kicked up eggnog, and Christmas music. It's hard this year because the weather turned from cold to warm and now it's veering on cold again. Growing up in the North, I was used to white Christmases. No longer, and it bums me out. Still, we have the entire family together for the holiday, and it's fun to see the college boy really hasn't changed all that much. He still needs lessons in hygiene (ech), spends too much time playing video games and is eating us out of house and home, despite his lean frame. The teenage girl is just as bad, and the youngsters nervous excitement continues to broil into fights, teary apologies and surprising laughter as they start a new game together.

It's nice to be with loved ones, especially during this time, and my heart goes out to all those who've lost someone special. Holidays can be good and bad. I'll wish my deceased Grandma a Merry Christmas, knowing she's probably up in heaven bossing around the kitchen staff. But that woman made a mean holiday soup, and she had a heart as big as the moon.

Here's hoping you all share a warm holiday. Drink some cocoa, play a few games with friends and get ready for a new year. And lest I forget the most important part of Christmas, God bless and happy birthday Jesus. To those who don't celebrate it, wishing you a wonderful season filled with joy.



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