Thursday, December 4, 2008

That Missing Copy

Well, tonight was an experience. A fun one, I might add. My husband and I had a date night. We checked out a new steak restaurant called The Chop Shop. Holy crap, talk about a fillet to die for. During dinner, we talked like real people. I didn't once yell at him to eat his dinner, and he didn't encourage me to stop playing with my food. (Yes, I have small children.)

After dinner, pleasant conversation, and a nice red Zinfandel, we walked along the newly constructed "rich" section of the mall on our way to Barnes & Noble, where I intended to buy some of my daughter's Christmas presents.

On the way, we stopped in a kitchen store, then Coldwater Creek, a clothing store that has pants that fit me just right. I had a holiday coupon with me and couldn't resist a pair...Oh right, so there I was, Christmas shopping and buying myself pants.

We finally hit B&N. A nice store, larger since it's moved from its previous location. I like their romance section. I found my daughter some books, and myself one as well. Then my husband looked up my name in the computer for fun. Lo and behold, the store had a copy, IN STOCK, of I Dream of Dragons, Vol. 1. Needless to say I was totally excited to see it on the shelf, except it wasn't there. I'm hoping someone bought the lone copy, instead of dropping it in the children's section or some other asinine place not meant for romance.

Also of interest was the fact that my new book (with Paige McKellan), Feral Attraction, was listed in the B&N computer. It shows as being available as early as Jan 1, 2009, but Samhain isn't releasing it until Jan 27th, 2009. So we'll see how that works. I might do a signing in January or Feb, hoping that will pull the book in the store. And I just received some kick-*ss bookmarks for said book, so I'm dying to give them away.

All in all, a fruitful night. I was able to act like an adult and enjoy my husband's company. We ended it with a hot chocolate, and to all a good night.

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