Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sparse Posts and Odds and Ends

I've been a little discombobulated lately. My mother is in town, and I've been having a wonderful time while we Christmas shop and visit, but she's staying in the room with the computer, so I've been lax editing, writing and posting. I'm now on my laptop in the dining room, in a place not conducive to creativity unless you're talking about how to avoid eating your dinner. My children have come up with some whoppers trying to weasel out of nutritious meals in favor of cookies and the like.

In any case, I'll be on and off the computer while my mom visits. I will say I've been doing a fair bit of decorating. Oh, and I received my copy of Romance Sells, a catalog of upcoming romance books for booksellers and librarians. Feral Attraction is coming out in print in Jan 2009 from Samhain. It's an anthology with my story, Rachel's Totem in it, and I can't wait to see my copies.

Another school bus is pulling up to the door. Gotta go. More tomorrow...

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