Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Cover: Duncan's Descent

My latest Ethereal Foes book, Duncan's Descent, will be coming out from Samhain in August. We went through several rounds on this cover, and I'm please with the result. Sapphira, the heroine, has the right amount of sin on her face on this cover.

Here's a blurb about Ethereal Foes: Duncan's Descent.

A demon with a mission, Duncan Sinclair is a part of the Ethereal, that band of angels and demons who serve existence. Duncan works for the lower realm to ensure humans don’t screw up the balance of things. To that end, he sways the souls of humans on the brink of Decision, between moving along a path toward heaven, or better yet, toward hell. And Duncan is very good at his job. Until a prank gone wrong lands him in the upper realm doing penance. He’s forced to endure love, forgiveness and kindness: the worst kind of torture he can imagine. Matters get worse when a loophole finds Duncan’s reparation extended, including that he work with an angel who gets to him on every level. He desires her, he likes her, and he finds that there’s much more to Sapphira than even she knows. Because when his angel drinks, swears and takes him to bliss with her sinfully delightful body, Duncan finds himself in jeopardy of losing his heart and soul to the enemy, the angel he finds he can no longer live without. What’s a demon to do when he’s falling?

To read an excerpt, click here.

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