Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday Words--CLOSING THE DEAL

Today Derrick, one of the sexy Warren twins, stars in Wednesday Words. It's spicy stuff, so don't open this at work. *grin* Hope this excerpt from Closing the Deal gets you over the weekly hump.

The feel of her curves against him as he emptied inside her warmth kept him going. After what felt like an eternity, he came back to himself.
He hoped he hadn’t crushed her too hard. Sandwiched between his body and the door, she couldn’t have been too comfortable. But Christ, had he ever had better sex? Sex that had lasted all of five minutes?
He should have been more embarrassed, but the sleepy satisfaction in her eyes told him she had no complaints.
“Damn, Derrick. You are good, aren’t you?”
He grinned. “Good for more than that quickie.”
“Quickie?” She arched a perfect brow and slowly uncrossed her ankles from behind his back. As she did, she winced.
“You okay? I wasn’t too rough was I?” He hoped he hadn’t pounded into her too hard, but he couldn’t recall much of anything except needing to go as deep into her as he could.
“Not at all.”
He didn’t want to pull away, but he’d started to slide out, so he withdrew completely and lowered her so she could stand again. The awkwardness he might have assumed he’d feel didn’t come. He removed the condom and left to dispose of it. When he returned, dressed once more, she stood in a daze, naked, against the door.
“You are fucking beautiful.” Blunt, but effective.
She blushed. “You already had me, He-Man. No need to butter me up.”
“Hmm, butter. Not a bad idea. I’d like to oil you up and fuck you everywhere.”
Her eyes glowed. “Oh?”
“You know, when you say Oh like that, it comes across as a challenge.”
“Are you up for it?” The doubtful look she gave his crotch definitely counted as a dare.
“Honey, you should know better than to challenge a Warren.”
“Why is that?”
“Because I’m the Warren twin you need to worry about. I never lose.”
She laughed. “Cocky much?”
“Oh yeah. And I intend to get even more cocky before the day is through.” He watched her as he took off his sweatshirt and removed his shoes and socks. He unbuttoned the fly of his jeans with deliberate slowness, wanting to see her expression when she saw all of him. Would she be impressed, or would she blow him off? He wasn’t a small man. Most women loved the look of him, but Sydney wasn’t most women. There was something about her self-confidence that brought out insecurities he hadn’t even realized he possessed.
“You’re a tease,” she complained.
He smiled. “Back at ya, hot stuff.”
He pushed his jeans and underwear off, conscious that his cock had a mind of its own. The damn thing stood at half-mast again, semi-erect for the mouthwatering woman staring at him in shock—or was that awe?
“I can’t believe that thing fit inside me.”
He frowned. “I’m not that small.”
“You’re huge. Good Lord, Derrick. No wonder you have a lot of girlfriends.”
To his horror, his cheeks felt hot. Pleased and embarrassed, he felt like a goddamn girl. Yet he couldn’t be happier she approved.
“Oh my God. Derrick I’m God’s gift to women is blushing!” She laughed. To his surprise, she seemed completely oblivious to her nudity, while he couldn’t stop being aware of it.
“Cut it out. I’m a guy. We all have size issues.”
“You shouldn’t.” She stepped closer and took him in her hand.
He stirred. She stroked him and he grew harder. “Syd, you’re playing with fire.”
“Is that what you call it? Fire?” She winked at him. “I’d have thought you’d go with something more creative. Like My Monster or the One-Eyed Wonder.”
He laughed, more than amused. Who’d have thought sex could be so much fun? Being with Sydney just felt good.
“Well, One-Eyed Wonder has a nice ring. But how about something more intimate? Like Derrick Junior? That way he sounds like a real person.”
“He?” She stroked him, pumping his shaft with a small hand that felt like heaven.
“Yeah, he. He likes it when ladies kiss him. Long, slow licks are nice too.”
Sydney let him go as she stared at him. The laughter left her eyes, but not the desire. “We should probably move to the bedroom for this. Unless you brought more condoms?”
And there, no recrimination for being prepared. The woman amazed him.
“Nope. I only had one, and I was praying you’d let me use it.”
She snorted. “Praying my ass. You knew I wanted a go at you.”
“Just one?” He stepped closer and rubbed his cock along her belly. Then he leaned closer and took one of her nipples between his teeth. He nipped her, then sucked the sting out of it. “Come on, Syd. I’m good for three or four, at least.”
“Well, if you put it that way…”

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