Monday, March 25, 2013

A Monday Rant--CBS Sunday Morning

So everyone's been going on an on about the interview CBS Sunday morning did with Ellora's Cave author Desiree Holt, who's been called the oldest woman writing erotic romance. Not sure if this is true, but I know the interview got a lot of reaction.

I don't know Desiree personally but I think it was great she had the chance for such exposure. The woman has written over 140 books in 6 years. She's prolific, she's great, and readers love her work. Too bad the network turned what could have been an insightful look into an often maligned genre and added to the bad hype. The phrase "mommy porn" was bandied around quite a bit, in addition to "porn." (And yes, I was gritting my teeth while I watched.)

It didn't help that the author's own children labeled her as writing porn either,while still being supportive. I have no idea what the network edited out, but I can only hope they cut the parts where her daughter didn't look so embarrassed to be on television. Unfortunately, the one small tidbit of clear explanation Desiree gave about the genre was given maybe ten seconds before they cut back to her reading excerpts of her books, which of course are R rated. Great that they could keep bleeping every other word and having the host look horrified. The part of the interview they glossed over in a hurry was the best part, in my opinon. 

Desiree was eloquent that erotic romance is NOT porn, but a love story expressed in a different way. Yet right after that great explanation, instead of letting her continue, they zoomed right back to her reading from her book, bleeping out offensive words left and right.


If the newpeople would have spent more time looking at the Ellora's Cave warehouse and modeling sessions, which I found fascinating, or treated Desiree as more than a grandmother who writes "porn" but as an exceptionally talented author deserving of respect, I would have been ecstatic to watch it. Instead, I felt kind of bad for the author, who did her best to project professionalism and fun with her writing. (But don't get me started on the dolls, because honestly? That just creeped me out.)

So in summation, kudos to Desiree Holt and Ellora's Cave for trying to put a good foot forward. And jeers and hisses to CBS Sunday Morning, who not only painted erotic romance as porn, but had the gall to show the segment on a Sunday morning to many watching with their children. Honestly, people, get a clue. 


Karen Duvall said...

Sigh. Grampa didn't do his research. Not to be ageist or anything, I think they chose the wrong reporter for the job. I doubt he even knows what a romance novel is because he sure doesn't know the difference between "porn" (really?) and erotic romance.

Marie Harte said...

Yeah, no kidding. I realize they wanted to make the show fun and amusing, but it came off, at least to me, as though they were making fun of the genre and at times the author. But I think she did fabulously holding her own, and when they DID let her talk, she came across as very smart and clued in to her craft.

Suzie said...

Yes, CBS went down the wrong route. I have read Desiree's books and loved them. I am also a buyer of EC stuff, so I was happy to see a woman owned business getting exposure. The fact that Bill Geist did the piece was the first sign, it was going to be less than great. I cringe when erotic romance is compared to porn and don't get me started on the Mommie porn term. The dolls were creepy, weren't they??

I really hope more people and the media take a more open-minded look at the genre and realize well written books are out there!

Taryn Blackthorne said...

So if they put 'porn' in the title of any romance book, they can dismiss it easier and then start with the jokes. Grrr

Susan W. said...

I'm with Karen. Why did CBS pick Bill Geist? Not that I know him because I don't watch CBS's news shows but he seemed a bit old to do a report on romance, whether it's erotica or sweet. Now I really don't think I'll waste my time with CBS "news".

Marie Harte said...

Suzie, Taryn, and Susan:
Just, Amen. I mean, really.