Monday, February 4, 2013

Post Game Notes

I'm not the biggest football fan, but I make an exception for the Super Bowl. It surprised me how invested in the game I became, because neither team was a favorite of mine. I decided to root for the Ravens because of that 49ers idiot and his anti-gay comments. Lo and behold, I was shouting at the screen while watching right up until the end. My kids--ages 7 and 9--thought I was nuts, but I was actually educating them. "This is how men watch football, guys. You shout at the TV as if that influences game play." The boys accepted this as truth and joined me in jeering and cheering. Too funny.

My comments about the game:

1. I enjoyed the halftime show. Beyonce did a great job, in my opinion. And while others might complain of too much bumping and grinding on the stage, I was highly entertained. Also loved the Destiny's Child "reunion."
2. The commercials didn't suck as much this year...with one caveat. I wanted to vomit at the GoDaddy suck-face ad. I have nothing against beauties and geeks getting it on, but honestly, the slurping, eating-face sounds that continued for WAY too long grossed me the hell out.
3. Favorite commercials: the Sketcher ad where the guy outraces and takes down a cheetah, and the Samsung ad. That was just hilarious. Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen made me laugh out loud. 
4. The power going out nearly iced the Ravens. Man, that was a shocker. 
5. I loved that the game was so close. There was no clear winner until the very, very end. Those are the best games to watch.

Your thoughts on the game?

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