Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Neck and Neck

Good news. Both Talson's Wait and Rachel's Totem are both in the top 100 free kindle romance books, with Talson's Wait pulling ahead. Yeah, like it's a neck and neck race. The futuristic versus the paranormal...who will win in the end? The readers, of course, because the books are friggin' free. I love these kinds of promotions, and I've already gotten a few emails from readers who'd never heard of me before (go figure) who now want to read more. I couldn't ask for more.


leann said...

Thank You for the FREE reads. I've found me another new author. WOOT

Marie Harte said...

And thank YOU for taking the time to read the book. :)


Karen Duvall said...

This is fantastic news! Woot!