Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Today, Grayson's Gamble, a Dawn Endeavor book, releases from Loose Id. It's a shapeshifter menage with lots of tension, wit, and snarky attitude between an arrogant Circ, his sexy, put-upon partner, and a rogue female both men know should belong to them.

BLURB:Grayson Belle was born a Circ--a creature with the ability to shapeshift. He tolerates Sebastian, his new partner, more than alarmed when he begins to develop an odd attraction to the man. Unlike the artificially created Circs, he controls his desires. But soon he's wanting not only Sebastian, but a rogue female Circ he's been assigned to terminate. Things go from bad to worse when his inner beast takes an extreme liking to the pair. It acts on instinct, and Gray will have decide to listen to his head or his heart. Protect himself from a future he hadn't planned, or defend his mates when danger comes calling and his heart demands satisfaction?

To read an excerpt, click here.

Grayson's Gamble, from Loose Id

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