Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Monday, Here We Go

Now that I've had a cup and am working on demolishing a pot, an update.

1. My all wheel drive vehicle earned its price tag this weekend, when I hit my first snow storm outside of friggin' Portland. &^^%$#@@!! rain and snow.
2. Was behind on story, now on top of it. A Matter of Pride, a Cougar Falls story centered around Dean Chastell, is now 99.9% finished.
3. Working on edits for Outfoxed, my next Cougar Falls story centered around Grady Chastell. (Due for release from Samhain in March 2012.)
4. Once edits are done, back to work on A Matter of Pride and Bodywork--due to be released Nov 30th.
5. And now, more coffee.

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