Wednesday, July 13, 2011

5 Star Review for RetroCog

5 Star Review from Just Erotic Romance Reviews. Check it out!

Title: RetroCog (A Power Up! Story)
Author: Marie Harte
Publisher: Loose Id
Review: Stefani Clayton
Rating: 5 Stars
Heat Level: O

Noah First is psychic and until recently he was part of the governmental agency Psychic Warfare Program. Unfortunately, now that the program has been dismissed, he’s found himself working in the private sector. His latest job is to find a missing painting that has been stolen. Noah thinks it is an easy job until he tracks the missing art to a town that features an ex-bordello and a woman he can’t get out of his head. Lara Graham runs the Lady Fine Inn, and despite the history of the place, she feels connected to it in some way. When the surly stranger takes up residence, Lara finds herself embroiled in sex, lies and murder. Some old, some new, and Lara discovers her life is intertwined in the outcome. It’s going to require Lara and Noah to get past the sexual chemistry to find a killer before the killer finds Lara.

I’m a huge fan of paranormal stories, but it is hard to find a good paranormal that doesn’t include shape shifters and werewolves. RetroCog (a Power Up! Story) manages it, and well I might add. Lara is a great character. She is a bit confused at times, but that stands to reason. Noah is amazing and is not your usual psychic. Noah can see into the past and some of his visions made me chuckle. There were several secondary characters, all of whom were interesting enough to carry their own sequel and I suspect I will be looking forward to more in this series, as well as looking back at the previous stories. Despite this being an awesome story with great characters, there was a wide array of amazing sexual scenes all of which were orgasm worthy. May I suggest you have your significant other close at hand. You will defiantly find that you will be in the mood for some of your own lovin’. All in all, RetroCog was a great erotic romance and certainly worthy of adding to the top of your list.

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