Thursday, June 17, 2010

Namesake Release Date, Maybe

Thanks to Tina for clueing me into this. Namesake is listed on the Ellora's Cave coming soon page as releasing July 21st. My editor has yet to give me a firm date, but I think the 21st is VERY close to the mark unless things change. I'd add in a picture of the cover, but can't quite figure out how to copy and paste using this Mac I'm on.


ElizabethN said...

Yeah,it's finally posted. I've been checking the coming soon pages weekly with no luck. Today (Thurs 6/17) it's the last bookcover on page 4 with a release date of weds 7/21. Bookcover links to blurb with different excerpt than what you posted in the newsletter/coming soon page. No length mentioned, novel or longer/shorter?

Adds date to book buy/wish list.

Nice to have good news before work just in case work turns ugly.

Tina said...

Unfortunately I have read both the excerpt from ELC and your website and frankly July 21st is too far away!

Marie Harte said...

Good news. I confirmed it with my editor. July 21st is the date. Thanks, Elizabeth.


And I agree, Tina. July 21st is too far away.