Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flying Home and Going North

Today we leave Bend, Oregon, a beautiful place, to fly home to the muggy, humid southeast. Sigh. I'm sure going to miss this town, but I do miss my actual home and the people in it.

During my stay in Oregon, I completed Gunnar's Game and have done some extensive revisions to Foxy Lady. I've also done some preliminary research into a new idea for a book.

I'll be home for a few days to do some more work and breathe between "vacations." (Yeah, it's travel away from home, but with two little boys across country!) Then we're heading up north. Or going down to the shore, as they say. A thirteen hour drive broken into two days with a stopover in Virginia.

The vacation has been wonderful, but I'm itching at not being able to type every day on my computer. The muse is back, and once again must be shelved for a little while.

In any case, once I'm home, I'll download some pictures of sunny Bend. Good-bye to the Cascade Mountains, Mt. Bachelor, downtown Bend and Sisters.

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