Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nook vs. the eBookwise

Well, I have been the proud owner of the nook (they don't capitalize the "n") since Christmas, and I've owned my eBookwise (from the old Fictionwise) for a year and a half. The differences?

The eBookwise has a battery life of 11-13 hours, must be plugged in to download, is backlit, but is hard to read outside due to contrast problems. You can organize your folders and files via the library software ($14.95) on your computer. It also takes A LOT of formats: .rb, .txt, .doc, .html, and .rtf. It costs $89.95 and can hold a 64 MB internal memory card.

The nook is aesthetically pleasing, has a supposed battery life of 2 weeks if you don't use it much, but actually lasts about 2 days if you read constantly, has a color, touchscreen at the bottom, and is wifi for download purposes. You can plug it in , but then you have to drag and drop books to a general folder with no current way to organize. In other words, you can move your all 250 of your books into ONE folder. Ack. It also has eInk technology that looks just like bookpages. Nice to read. Can take PDF, PDB, and EPUB formats. It plays MP3 and displays JPG graphics. The nook is $259 and has 2G of memory that can be expanded with a memory card.

So what do I, a rabid booklover, think? I think the nook will be stellar once they work all the bugs out of it. I love the eInk tech and the look and feel of it. I love being able to wirelessly download. But I love my eBookwise because I can put my own writing on it, organize it, and read at night without waking up my husband. It's a lot cheaper and easier to use, in my opinion. When I got my nook at Christmas, I couldn't download anything for two days because the B&N servers couldn't handle the massive transactions from unhappy owners. The problem has since been fixed, and it's very nice. But I'm spoiled by the automatic page turn on my eBookwise, whereas the nook has a slight delay. But you know, both are great devices in their own ways.

When I go to the Desert Dreams conference in April, I'll take my nook full of books, and now that I have a book light, I can read in the dark. I'll keep the eBookwise at home close to my computer. A great device, but better for my personal writing stuff than the nook.


Savanna Kougar said...

Interesting. I appreciate knowing your experiences since I don't have either one.
I think once some company comes out with an ereader that combines all the best features, overall, it will take off. That is, if the price is reasonable.

Ashlyn Chase said...

I'm waiting for something that comes out in June called the Freescale tablet. It looks and works like a netbook, but the screen is detachable, so you can hold it and turn it, and the text alines vertically so you read it like an ereader. It'll only be $199.00

I've very excited about it!