Friday, January 15, 2010

The Late Night Wars, My Take

I just had to share this video clip. It's too funny.

As someone who doesn't watch late night television but enjoys enough TV to be considered a media fan, NBC's actions strike me as beyond stupid. They gave O'Brien a ton of dough (in the contract) and promised him the gig, which should have meant Leno's passing. Instead, they give Leno a ten o'clock spot, hurting O'Brien with a poor lead-in, then decide to bump off O'Brien and move the Tonight Show to... tomorrow? (And the ten o'clock Leno show bombed. Wrong format, wrong time, unfunny host.) I don't watch Conan either, but you know, after NBC screwed over its own guy, I'm going to follow Conan now. And I definitely won't watch NBC's new "Tonight Show."

Ack. My two cents. For more information, check out this post, written by Ryan Tate. It's got a great quote from Conan.

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