Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Slower Than Dirt

You know, I feel as slow as this sloth lately. Though I've been burning up my keyboard, my latest WIP just isn't there yet. I figure one or two more chapters. Finally!

I'm not sure why this occurs with some books. I'll struggle for days, then write 20-30 pages in a single sitting. I've been on fi-ya, not fire, but fi-ya, since Sunday. Even the kids being home on Monday didn't deter me from writing. (The teenager watched them for me.)

But in all other matters, I've been horribly slow. The taxes still aren't done. I'm not ready at all for a trip I'm soon to take. My house is a mess and the laundry just keeps getting larger, no matter how many loads I think I've done.

I just hope that it's not me that's moving so slowly, but that the world is just so fast. I have at least another month and a half to get my taxes done. And another three days before I hand in my MS. So gooooo me.

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