Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Torsos for Everyone

Well, the day didn't start out so well, so I think I'm entitled to look at a nice torso for a while. Oh yeah, that's much better.

A rundown of my morning:
  • 0430 puppy decides he has to pee, even after going out four hours prior. Grumbling, I let him out... and eventually back inside.
  • 0515 I finally fall back asleep
  • 0600 alarm clock goes off, I hit snooze
  • 0700 I wake from a nightmare where a serial killer continues to find me no matter where I run. Oh joy.
  • 0702 husband nags the sh*t out of me to wake up 5 year old
  • 0703 husband grabs 5-yr old out of bed, who screams at the top of his lungs that he wants Momma to carry him. Husband dumps him next to me.
  • 0705 3-yr old joins me in bed, sandwiching me between him and 5-yr old, who hates mornings as much as I do
  • 0715 I convince 5-yr old to wake up so he can catch the bus. 3-yr old refuses to go back to bed.
  • 0750 5-yr old catches bus
  • 0930 I take 3-yr old to Mother's Day Out
  • 1315 I leave to pick up 3-yr old after screwing off all morning. Instead of writing, I dithered with my website, which is now black instead of red. And I had a field day at iStockphoto (see picture to the right). Why oh why am I putting off writing the last third of Derrick's story???????
Needless to say, I'm still smacking myself. I did, however, manage to run a mile after the boy got home from kindergarten and the teenager returned home. Took the kids to Monkey Joes to bounce, then the family out to dinner. Bought more Smart Water and Agave (alternative to sugar), and am set to write another chapter before I go to bed. All in all, not a bad ending to a crappy morning. Let's hope tonight my dreams are a lot less real. ack

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