Thursday, January 29, 2009

On a Soap Box: Pray for Me

I know that this picture will probably offend somebody somewhere. Holy rollers who are pissed that I'd dare use the word Bible on a personal blog from an erotic romance writer. Others who hate yellow faced smilies in conjunction with talk about religion. Well, it's my blog, so if you don't like it, kindly click the red X in the corner.

I write erotic romance. I'm also a Roman Catholic. I don't see why the two cannot go hand in hand. After all, only Mary gave birth to Jesus, so the rest of us are about as dirty with sin when conceiving as anyone else. I honestly don't believe that reading about sex will send you to hell. Believe it or not, today I read a post from an inspirational writer (sorry to all you normal Inspy folks) that claimed her soul would be in peril if forced to read erotic romance. Excuse me? Are we talking eyes bleeding, brain oozing out of your ears, heart shriveling into a black glob of goo? Because if so, I'm in. I want to see it happen.

Yeah, I'm being facetious. But I get so sick of all those claiming to be tolerant and nonjudgemental who sit around making judgements and being INtolerant. If you don't want to read sexy material, don't. But don't sit there and slander it and the people who write it. Hell, sweet and inspirational romances aren't my thing. But I completely respect the authors who write them and the readers who read them.

Why are so many non-erotic writers so down on erotic romance? Sex is an integral part of any romantic relationship. How do you fully commit to your partner if your mind, soul, and BODY aren't a part of it? How many people remain celibate through their marriage?

Sure, not everyone wants to read about sex. But to say you'll be going to hell because your read an erotic romance is like saying the hounds of hell will rip you apart for actually engaging in sexual intercourse. If so, where are all these bible thumper's babies coming from? Come on, people! It's 2009!!! Can' t we all just get along???

Sorry, been dying to say that last part. >:)

Catholic, Sinner, and Erotic Romance Writer
Marie Harte

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