Friday, April 18, 2008

What's New...

  • Working on Guardian's Redemption so I can get it out to Rae for a good once over.
  • Still working on edits for The Devil's Playground
  • Writing Ryen's story, a futuristic m/m romance. Not sure if a female romance lead will be making an appearance or not. I don't write straight m/m, but Ryen and Drekk are pretty into each other.
  • Gearing up for next week's new episode of Supernatural on the WB. What can I say? I love horror and family dynamics, and the cute Winchesters have great chemistry. Hunky brothers fighting evil and at times, each other. Great stuff.

And here's a joke to liven up your Friday...

A very tired nurse walks into a bank, totally exhausted after an 18- hour shift.

Preparing to write a check, she pulls a rectal thermometer out of her
purse and tries to write with it.

When she realizes her mistake, she looks at the flabbergasted teller and
without missing a beat, she says: "Well, that's great....that's just great....some asshole's got my pen!"

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